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The Power (and value) of Projection

We often counsel non-profit clients to take advantage of every opportunity to honor, thank, recognize or promote valuable partners, supporters, sponsors and programs….people love to see their name in lights!

Most events nowadays incorporate video projection – but do they take full advantage of it?  If you’ve paid for the projector(s), screen, switcher, labor, etc., then the screen (or monitors) become your most visible and significant way to engage your audience.

We always tell clients, “it doesn’t cost anything to add an extra slide to the PPT program to recognize that last minute sponsor or donor but it brings a whole lot of goodwill into the room.”

So use what you’ve paid for to it’s fullest advantage….

Critical Issues Forum 10.23 (2)

The PR Council reveals their new streamlined logo at the Critical Issues Forum 2014

The PR Council graciously recognizes LPG as a production partner for the Critical Issues Forum 2014



MCC Theater….One of “those” clients…

And by that I mean a kind, caring, creative and exciting partner who we have worked with for more than nine years.

Each March, LPG is honored to work with some of Broadway’s brightest talent and MCC Theater, one of New York’s premier off-Broadway theater companies, to produce “Miscast – A Musical Revue”.  Their gala dinner is always followed by a top-caliber show featuring performers interpreting songs for roles in which they would never be cast – hence “Miscast”.

MCC Theater is led by executive director Blake West and artistic directors Will Cantler, Bobby LuPone and the indefatigable Bernie Telsey.  @mcctheater; @telseyandco

LPG will be back with MCC Theater at the Hammerstein Ballroom on March 30, 2015 for the newest edition of “Miscast”.

0419 MCC 3.26.12

MCC “Miscast” Benefit at the Hammerstein Ballroom

Some past stars include:

JG 3

Jonathan Groff

Megan 2

Megan Hilty

Your Image…Your Calling Card…

In this age of “selfies” and quick images, the art of a good headshot seems to have been forgotten.

On LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media that we use for business, why do we so often see self images that don’t represent us in the best possible light?

I struck a friendship with the terrific photographer Julien McRoberts recently and for a simple barter, she spent an hour with me and took the best images I’ve ever had.  Including some with my best friend Frances.

Chris 8.14.14 Square Headshots (1)

Chris and Frances Square 8.1.14 Images by Julien McRoberts