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Cocktails & Cow Tales Returns…

Please join us at a very special event on June 7th!  LPG is honored to once again work with Catskill Animal Sanctuary to produce their New York City benefit.  Last year 30 rescued farmed animals found new “parents” who sponsored each for a year.  This year, our goal is to have 50 animals sponsored!  Tickets are $125 and will go on sale in April.

CAS Save the Date 2016

Where The Animals Roam Free…

This past weekend I finally made it up to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, NY.  In addition to providing a forever home for discarded farm animals, they have a wonderful bed & breakfast called The Homestead.  Each morning Erica serves a wonderful vegan breakfast.

Carmelo the Pig 1.31.15

My Boy Carmelo

CAS is not just a client of LPG, they are a passion.  Last year I “adopted” a piglet and named him Carmelo in honor of my father.  Well Carmelo is no longer a piglet but a fast growing boy!

And then there are the ducks, chickens, horses, cows and of course goats.  More than 300 animals now have a safe home at CAS.

Please consider attending our benefit “Cocktails & Cow Tales” on Tuesday, June 7th in New York City.  You too could become a proud parent of a deserving animal!

The Duck that thinks he's a dog!

The Duck Who Thinks He’s a Dog!