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Radio City Music Hall….Still Great After All These Years…

There’s no place like Radio City Music Hall and sitting in the first row for the Christmas Spectacular this past Sunday made it even more special.
My first professional job in NYC was skating (on the orchestra pit) in the summer show at RCMH (which they are reviving next summer).
The current Christmas Show is terrific and the Rockettes are better than ever!


The 2015 Rockettes

Chris Radio City 1979 #2

Darlene Gilbert & Chris Lipari in “A New York Summer” 1979

Meet the Newest Member of Our Family…

This past Wednesday evening, Catskill Animal Sanctuary hosted their first fund-raiser and cultivation event in New York City.  In addition to great vegan cuisine by GO Catering and a moving presentation by Kathy Stevens, founder of CAS, 30 farm animals were available to sponsor for a year.  By the end of the event, all 30 animals found loving “parents”, including a piglet named Carmelo (in honor of my father)!


We’re Not Sure Which One is Carmelo…Yet!

And here is Carmelo!

And here is Carmelo!

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Look at these faces….do you ever wonder how and where they live?



The Catskill Animal Sanctuary gives these discarded farm animals a home for the rest of their lives…

On Wednesday, June 4th, I am proud to be a part of “Cocktails & Cow Tales”, a benefit in NYC to raise awareness and funds for this important organization.  Please go to Catskill Animal Sanctuary to find out more.

Miscast 2015! It Gets Better Each year…

For nine years, I have had the incredible pleasure to be the production consultant/designer for MCC Theater’s “Miscast” Gala.  This event brings together some of the top talent on Broadway for one night who perform songs from shows in which they would never be cast.

Below are some great images (you can find more pictures and videos on our Facebook page).  Many thanks to our amazing lighting designer Brendon Boyd, graphics designer Ted Stevens, and event photographer Amber De Vos.

MISCAST2015_©A. De Vos Photo Inc_03302015_0091

The “Cell Block Tango”

MISCAST2015_©A. De Vos Photo Inc_03302015_0080

Andrew Rannells performing “Meadowlark”

MISCAST2015_©A. De Vos Photo Inc_03302015_0119

Jeremy Jordan singing “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

MISCAST2015_©A. De Vos Photo Inc_03302015_0002

Chris Lipari and The Crew Who Made the Magic Happen….



“Miscast” 2015…here it comes!

For the 9th consecutive year, we are producing the amazing “Miscast” Revue to benefit MCC Theater, off-Broadway’s premier company that produces new and challenging works from today’s best playwrites.

“Miscast” features a dozen of Broadway’s brightest talents performing songs from shows in which they would never be cast – hence “Miscast”.  For ticket information, please click MCC Theater

MCC Miscast 2015 Invite

The Ball is About to Drop…

For several years, I had the thrill of working as a producer on the world-wide television broadcast of the ball drop in Times Square.  Though I’ll be away from the action this year, preparations are well underway with rehearsals this evening, including the “drop” of the ball.

Happy 2015 to All!


On Top of One Times Square



Bideawee….an animal’s best friend…

Bideawee is NYC’s oldest pet rescue organization…for more than 100 years, Bideawee has been the leading pet welfare organization serving metropolitan New York and Long Island.  We at LPG have proudly produced the past three Bideawee Balls and will again be at the helm in 2015.

Check out this video from the 2014 event:

Bideawee Ball 6.11.12 Images (15)     Bideawee Ball 6.11.12 Images (10)     Bideawee Ball 6.11.12 Images (18)

Joan Rivers….A True Gem

It seems everybody has a great Joan River’s story…well, here’s mine.

In 1995 I was working for the LGBT Center as director of special events. Joan had graciously done two previous benefits for the Center and I was awestruck and honored to be producing the third (she donated her time to the Center as her interior designer of many years, Louis Malkin, and his partner Dino Georgiou were Center supporters.)

Joan was the first real celebrity I ever worked with and once we got past her publicist/manager, she was as lovely as could be. On the bill that night were a host of comics (including my long-time friend Jim David) and some assorted “variety” acts, one of which was The Imperial Court of NY.

So the Imperial Court is doing “Copa Cabana” to close the first act and I hear our director Joe Billone call a cue – “go mirror ball”.  The aforementioned mirror went and promptly fell from the grid striking the empress of the the Court on the head, knocking her wig askew. She stumbled off the stage, shaken but okay.

I made an announcement asking if there was a doctor in the house and wouldn’t you know it but a psychiatrist and two therapists came forward.

Short story is the Empress was take away by ambulance but was fine…we thought…(that’s another story)

I went to Joan’s dressing room to tell her the show would continue as the unfortunate performer would be fine.

Joan made her entrance for the second act in a beautiful red Haltson gown with her bodyguard following behind carrying the dented mirror ball (they are hollow, btw). Her guard pretended to hit her in the head with the damaged mirror ball, she threw herself on her back on the stage and screamed: “Where’s my lawyer? The bitch could own this place!!” Joan then did 10 minutes of Jewish lawyer jokes and totally saved the evening.

Many years later I met Joan again and we reminisced about the infamous mirror ball incident.

In the picture she is posing next to her mannequin from the Barney’s holiday windows (we had Madonna and Tammy Fae as well) as we auctioned it off before the show (I’m to the right with the headset on).

She is the kindest star I have ever had the pleasure or working with and will always sparkle in my eyes!